Sporthacking is a holistic approach to personal growth, success and satisfaction

Sporthacking connects the basic pillars of sports preparation and success: the psyche, regeneration, diet and training, and shows the connections and continuity between them.

Holistic approach Sporthacking basically means making sure that an athlete is seen as someone whose performance and success is determined by the combination of 4 main factors.

The whole idea of Sporthacking stresses the importance of the fact that a motivated athlete is only able to perform at their best if they are not just in excellent shape (both mentally and physically), but also that they eat properly and get enough regeneration.

As training methods reach the imaginary frontier, it is increasingly important to work actively to link these pillars.

Top sport has moved to a completely different level in the past few years. In today’s fast-paced world, training and training methods are intensifying, performance limits are being shifted, the demands on athletes and their psyche are increasing radically and it is all more important to look at training individually and comprehensively.

All of these areas are mutually dependent on each other and if you  follow these areas, it will create a synergic effect, and you will be able to push your limits beyond your borders!

What do you let into your body?

What are your thoughts?

What emotions?

What food do you eat?

What do you pay attention to?

How do you think?

How do you train your psyche?

How do you train your mind in training or out of training?